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Knee Surgery Draft for McGill Team Feedback

8 Videos

Chapter 1: Knee Replacement Surgery Overview

This knee surgery guide is brought to you by Enhanced Recovery Canada (ERC), an initiative that brought together a group of orthopedic experts to recommend the best care for your knee surgery. Information provided on pain management, mobility and physical activity is based on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), which has been proven to decrease your pain and length of hospital stay and increase satisfaction and quality of life.

Chapter 2: Preparing for Your Knee Replacement Surgery

Planning ahead and staying healthy can lead to better surgery and recovery. Preparing for your knee surgery doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch Precare’s video guide to learn how to prepare with your diet, physical activity, and living arrangements.

Chapter 3: Exercises Before Surgery

Precare’s video guide will walk you through 8 exercises to do before your knee surgery. Exercise can help your strength and mobility before your knee replacement surgery. You may experience pain, which is perfectly normal, but it’s best to respect your pain and listen to your body.

Chapter 4: Day Before and Day of Surgery

It’s important to understand what to do the day before and the day of your surgery, with certain considerations on your diet, cleanliness, lifestyle habits, and personal belongings. Precare’s video guide will inform you what to do and what to expect throughout this process.

Chapter 5: First Few Days of Recovery

So you’ve just had a knee surgery. Before you discharge from the hospital, you and your nurse will work together to control pain and nausea, perform deep breathing exercises, practice mobility exercises, test your bladder, and monitor your diet. Complications after knee replacement surgery are rare, but Precare’s video guide has all the necessary information on how to recover better after surgery.

Chapter 6: At Home – Activities of Daily Living

Getting back to normal after your knee surgery will take some work, but Precare’s video guide has recommendations on various activities of daily life like mobility, pain management, getting dressed, diet, showering, sexual activity, preventing infection, going back to work, and traveling.

Chapter 7: Expected Knee Function

You could gradually return to playing sports after your knee surgery. It’s important to listen to your pain and follow your doctor’s guidelines. Watch Precare’s video guide for some recommendations on mobility and sports after your surgery.

Chapter 8: Post-Surgical Exercises

It’s normal to feel pain or discomfort after your knee surgery, but watch Precare’s video guide to learn 8 different exercises to recover better and faster, plus some tips on returning to other physical activities like sports and dancing.

A Guide to Accompany You Through Every Step of Your Knee Surgery

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