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Embrace the future of healthcare with Precare's modern digital portal

Experience the benefits of a more engaged and informed patient population with Precare's digital platform

Educational Content

Our evidence-based guides are developed in-house to offer healthcare institutions the most tailored audiovisual resources for their patients.

The content may range from preparing for cardiac surgery to understanding vaccines and everything in between. The guides are translated into over 20 languages and meet all accessibility requirements.

Healthcare professionals can request specific video guides all within Precare’s seamless development process. New resources can be used broadly according to your institution's needs, with white labeling and translations as optional benefits.

Healthcare guides

Patient Education and Engagement Portal (PEEP)

PEEP is a comprehensive digital solution designed to transform patient education and empower healthcare professionals. This commercial paper provides an overview of PEEP's key features, showcasing how each one delivers significant benefits for professionals and healthcare institutions.

PEEP's main features

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Personalized Educational

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Interactive Communication

Illustration of icon of Comprehensive FAQ Section

FAQ Section

Illustration of icon of Digital Resources

Digital Resources

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Calendar and Appointment

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Consent Process

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Simplified Tracking
and Research

The Benefits

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Reduce the burden and time spent on patient education by efficiently delivering information to patients, freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks

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Enhanced patient satisfaction

Address patient concerns promptly and provide tailored guidance, fostering trust and satisfaction

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Data and analytics for quality improvement

Obtain data through customizable questionnaires, and gain insights into outcomes

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Reduced liability with digital patient consent

Create digital consent, streamlining the process, reducing paperwork, minimizing the risk of errors, and ensuring compliance

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Improved communication and follow-up

Facilitate seamless communication with pre-configured digital follow-ups, addressing concerns, and providing ongoing support

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Customization and delivery process-saving

Personalize the experience with pre-established care pathways, ensuring the right information is delivered to the right patient at the right time

Available in 20+ languages

Clinically validated and peer reviewed

Customized and tailored to your needs

Our other solutions

Medical Illustrations

Reduce the burden and time spent on patient education by efficiently delivering information to patients, freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks

Digital Booklets

Keep your resources up-to-date. Precare will give your patients an immersive experience by updating and converting your paper resources into easy-to-digest digital booklets

Web Platform

Our in-house team of web developers and engineers has the expertise to create any web platform for your organization to offer your content, perform research and gather data

What physicians are saying

  • “Patients have been more engaged in the decision making process prior to their procedures. With the help of the guides, patients are more informed leading to a better recovery.

    Dr. Claude, Vancouver, British Columbia

  • “Precare provides a potential for drug adherence, and their animated guides have been a trustworthy source to share with patients. “

    Carol, Ottawa, Canada

  • “With the digital resources, patients feel more empowered making allowing them to better follow instructions resulting in improved outcome.”

    Nurse Nancy, Montreal, Quebec

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Transform the way your healthcare organization
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