raphael gotlieb cheif executive officer precare patient education solutions

Raphael Gotlieb

Chief Executive Officer

Raphael Gotlieb is the founder and entrepreneur behind Precare, he started the company after completing his Master of Science degree in Experimental Surgery where he examined medical decision making and errors to improve patient quality of care and safety. Raphael’s published research led him to find that most errors are preventable, and many are due to a lack of patient education communication barriers.

Dr Gabriel Schnitman Chief Scientific Officer Precare Patient Education Solutions

Dr. Gabriel Schnitman

Chief Scientific Officer

As a General Surgeon with a master’s in global surgery, Gabriel is passionate about improving evidence-based healthcare services and quality of care. He believes in healthcare focused on the needs of the patients. With broad international experience, he has dedicated his professional life to advocating for equity and research globally.

Dr. Sena Turkdogan Chief medical officer precare patient education solutions

Dr. Sena Turkdogan

Chief Medical Officer

Sena is passionate about patient care as a physician and ensures all the medical guides are evidence-based and the scripts are at an adequate level for our patient population. Sena also holds a Master of Public Health from Harvard, which allows Precare to benefit from her unique clinical trial skills to validate the efficiency and quality of using our patient guides through a scientific approach.


Paulo Rodrigo Gimeníz

Chief Design Officer

Paulo leads Precare’s Design team. holds a degree in Industrial Design and a Master’s in Design theory and criticism, Visual Arts as well as Education & Digital Technologies. Currently attending other degree in Global Health. With over 15 years experience, Paulo specializes in several areas of Design, including: Graphics, webdesign, video graphics, animation, games, UX design, Illustration, and product design, bringing a unique vision to Precare.

cecilia floquer junior web developer precare patient education solutions

Cecilia Floquet


As a passionate health advocate, programmer and lawyer, Cecilia is focused on the improvement of our portal to empower patients while adhering to all privacy laws and compliances.

florence precare patient solutions

Florence Min

Medical Artist Lead

Florence oversees the creation of our content, translating the science and medical information into graphics and videos that are simple and easy to understand. With Florence onboard, Precare can continue breaking down communication barriers between patients and healthcare professionals.

ramon cruz precare patient education solutions

Ramon Geambastiani

Social Media Lead

As an expert in advertising and specialized graphics, Ramon develops content for social media and is part of the audiovisual creation team. Ramon brings a blend of marketing and technical graphics to create unique content.

yaniv gotlib business development precare patient education solutions

Yaniv Gotlib

Business Development

As a multilingual business developer, Yaniv oversees the expansion of Precare in Israel and the Middle East. He has a professional background as a project initiator and strategist, and uses his diverse skills to advance Precare and its vision

dr walter gotlieb oncology lead precare patient education solutions

Dr. Walter Gotlieb

Oncology Lead

Walter is the director of surgical oncology at McGill. With hundreds of publications and decades of experience, Walter helps shape the vision and all oncology initiatives.

dr jeffrey how Women’s Health Lead precare patient education solutions

Dr. Jeffrey How

Women’s Health Lead

Jeffrey oversees the expansion of our gynacology portfolio and research to advance women health.

sammi precare graphic & web designer

Sammi Galganov

Graphic & Web Designer

Sammi manages the design and layout of our website as well as designing our health guides for patients.

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